Sketchnote: HR and business leaders should ask some tough questions

This sketchnote depicts pain points from the article; You have a 90% chance of being in a company that has a skills gap; by Alex Brueckmann at Brueckmann Executive Consulting.

‘I realized over the past few years that overcoming the divide between the business and HR or L&D can be hard! Often, those involved on the L&D side lack business focus or don’t feel competent enough. As a result, they shy away from discussions about the RoI of training and learning. At the same time, business leaders are not consulting well with L&D, and would rather invest in training for their teams to the best of their ability – bypassing L&D. This, in turn, often misses the mark, because these leaders aren’t necessarily skilled enough to identify the strategic capabilities they should invest in. Instead, they unintentionally waste resources and frustrate their people when they realize down the road that the time they invested in acquiring new skills was in vain, because the skills don’t help them do what they need’. – Alex Brueckmann

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