Digital Illustration

I create a variety of illustrations in a range different styles from hand drawn and ‘watercolour’ style images to vector art graphics.

These bespoke digital images are popular for illustrating print items such as books and business articles. They are also a unique way to draw attention to events, adverts and social media posts online.

Wim Hof

        Wim Hof event illustration

Book Cover Design

Corporate Energy cover

Corporate Energy

I created all the illustrations for Chris Atkinson inside his debut book Corporate Energy: How to Engage & Inspire Audiences

beyond ego cover

Beyond Ego

This cover design for Thor Olafsson's Amazon bestseller was born out of my concept of the Enzo circle. This is a key feature of Beyond Ego brand

Inner Practice Book Cover

Inner Practice

I designed this cover design for Wendy Lau, M.D's first book, the Inner Practice of Medicine. Please explore Wendy's work here

Thank you cover

Thank You

I designed this cover design for Liggy Webb's third book Thank You. I also designed the cover of her first and second books